Kids In Mind

Families in high-conflict situations over custody issues often struggle to find resolution without the assistance and intervention of professionals. Furthermore, the court is already over-burdened, and it is difficult to address the complexities of high-conflict custody matters in morning chambers. Therefore, achieving resolution to any custody matter is usually a slow and expensive process for families.

Families in high-conflict situations need access to immediate solutions and intervention. “Kids in Mind” was designed to provide immediate mediated or arbitrated outcomes for these families through a streamlined, cost effective, interdisciplinary alternative to court. Kids in Mind achieves this by bridging both legal and therapeutic intervention services to families on an immediate triage basis. The parties, mediator/arbitrator, and child specialist (psychologist or social worker) all fully engage in this process to explore multiple solutions and ensure that any recommendations made are sustainable from both the emotional and financial means of the family. Where agreements are not reached, an arbitrated decision is made with the immediate consultation of the child specialist.

Ask us about how this unique program can bridge necessary services, ensure mediated agreements and/or arbitrated decisions are created with the true best interests of the “Kids in Mind”.

Financial assistance may be available to some clients.

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