Client-Centered, Solution Focused.

At RESOLVE LEGAL GROUP our client-centered, solution-focused approach is designed to provide you with holistic, wraparound, and multi-disciplinary services to support your family throughout your legal matter and through life transitions.

Our Mission

It is our mission to set families up for success by helping them restructure their lives in the healthiest way possible to ensure families can thrive. We achieve this by providing exceptional multidisciplinary services to our clients and additional supports along with their legal representation. Our firm’s philosophy is that a lawyer’s footprint in your family’s life should be as minimal as possible, and your family should be provided with the tools you need to resolve matters effectively on your own.

Our Clients Matter

Your satisfaction is our priority. From the minute you arrive at our location, you can expect to be welcomed into a friendly and supportive environment. You can expect that your lawyer will be on time, will listen to your concerns, and will provide you with a legal strategy and options that you will be able to use whether you retain our firm, decide to self-represent, or retain a lawyer outside of our firm.

In addition to providing outstanding legal services with an experienced legal team, we also offer clients additional, no-cost services. We are constantly improving our services and adding measurable value to the client experience at our firm. This includes our proprietary no-cost programs which offer benefits to assist and support our clients through various life transitions. Should you decide to retain our firm you will receive immediate access to all our exclusive programs and services.

Community Support

Resolve supports multiple community initiatives on an annual basis through partnerships, 3rd party fundraising, and volunteerism. We believe that our professional standing gives us a unique opportunity to give back to our community. What we have discovered, however, is that we seem to gain as much from our community as we give! Some of our community partners include:

  • Calgary Counselling Centre;
  • Sagesse;
  • Avery’s Legacy
  • Big Hill Haven;
  • Cochrane Boys and Girls Club;
  • Volunteer Lawyers’ Service;
  • Calgary Legal Guidance;
  • Student Legal Assistance;
  • Calgary Youth Justice Society;
  • Reforming the Family Justice Committee; and
  • Peer Support Groups, among other great initiatives!

The purpose of our primary annual fundraiser is to raise money for domestic violence programs for the benefit of Southern Albertans. Every year, during domestic violence awareness month, November, we bring speakers to provide workshops and training on a topic related to domestic violence and high conflict issues. These workshops are always geared towards an audience of judges, lawyers, psychologists, mental health professionals, social workers, medical professionals, first responders, law enforcement, shelter workers, outreach workers, educators, parents in high conflict situations, and anyone else with an interest in family law or domestic violence issues!


Meet the Team

We are Client Centred. At Resolve Legal Group we take steps when opening a new file to ensure that you will receive the best representation from our lawyers. Learn more about our team.