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Resolve Legal Group: Winning the Consumer Choice Award for 9 Years Straight

Resolve Legal Group has won!

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What do recent changes to the legislation mean for Alberta’s families?

As of January 1, 2020, Albertans saw a change to family law legislation: the replacement of the Matrimonial Property Act by the Family Property Act.

Family Law 101: Spousal Support Basics

Spousal support, or alimony as it is often referred to on TV and in the movies, is often part of a divorce.

What is new in the law?

There have been some improvements in the areas of family law and Calgary municipal law that have come into effect within the last few years.

A New Approach to an Age-Old Profession

Individuals experiencing a legal separation and/or divorce go through a unique and personal transition process which can often result in the need for social supports. 

Resolve Legal Group Wins the 2020 Three Best Rated Award

Resolve Legal Group, one of Southern Alberta's prominent Family Law Firms, has won the Three Best Rated® award for one of the top-rated divorce lawyers in Calgary for two years in a row.

Who has jurisdiction when a couple separates on an extended vacation?

Most people dream of the day they can retire and spend their days living comfortably and travelling the world. For some lucky people, this will become their reality, but for others this could become their nightmare.

It Takes a Community to Support Survivors

November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta. Throughout the Province, different events are organized to raise awareness and educate communities about this largely hidden problem.

Law’s Best Kept Secret? Articling Students

It is essential to do your research and understand the options you have available as a client before committing to a legal representative.

Like Oil and Water: Mediating Cross Cultural Marital Relationships

When Makrem and Fatma first got in touch with me, I interpreted that their relationship was fraught with tension. Someone else might not have picked up on the signs.

All’s fair in love and war, and life … Or is it?

reviously, I introduced the Communitarian/ Individualist dimension of culture and how it can be seen in real life examples from different ends of the spectrum.

Resolving To Help Families Thrive in Cochrane

RESOLVE LEGAL GROUP, is a multi-award winning firm practicing International and Regional Family Law, Wills and Estates, Real Estate, and Immigration. Resolve’s team boasts more than 140 years of combined experience, and provides legal strategies from a unique, client-centred, multidisciplinary approach.

Because Life Doesn’t Only Happen Between 9-5

At Resolve Legal Group, we are always asking for ideas on how to better serve our clients.  You asked, and we listened! If you want to see more ‘DID YOU KNOW’ visit our home page.

Cyndy’s Story and her Why

Cyndy thought she had the perfect life. She had shared 8 years of her life with a loving partner, she had a little boy who had just turned 3, a little girl who was 18 months old, and she was 6 months pregnant with a third child.

Good News for Unmarried Partners

Did you know that until 2020, there was no legislation in Alberta to regulate the division of property between unmarried couples?