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Our Communities Matter

With our professional standing comes an obligation to give back to our clients and our community. We demonstrate this through our philanthropic efforts, our volunteer work in the community, and our support of inclusive programs within the community that meet the needs of our clients. Our firm takes pride in encouraging all our team members to volunteer, and have a firm policy to offer our employees time in lieu in exchange for time given back to the community.

Meet Emily! She is our Client Support Coordinator, and she is integral to our holistic approach to practicing law. At Resolve Legal Group, it is not just about your legal matter, it is about you. That means we want our clients to feel as comfortable with the legal process and confident in our ability to represent them.

The Client Support Coordinator – What the dickens is that?

First – Intake
At Resolve Legal Group, we believe that the “right fit” between a client and their lawyer can impact the outcome of a file. The Client Support Coordinator matches our clients with the lawyer who is best suited to address the legal issues based on that lawyer’s personality and area of expertise.

Second – Ongoing Social Support Outreach
At Resolve Legal Group, we recognize that sometimes our clients need social supports to assist them through their legal matters. The Client Support Coordinator connects our clients with programs in our community that will help address those needs. Our firm has created and maintained long lasting relationships with reputable community organizations that can effectively assist our clients through difficult life transitions as required.

Third – Client Satisfaction
At Resolve Legal Group, client satisfaction is our priority. We have a specified internal standard of care policy to which our lawyers and staff adhere. The Client Support Coordinator periodically follows up with our clients to ensure that these standards are being met and acts as an ombudsman on behalf of the client if any concerns arise.

Client Support Coordinator is here to support you!

Please contact our Client Support Coordinator at any time during office hours for assistance on your non-legal matters. There is no additional cost for this service.

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