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“Your Family Matters” is a talk radio program that provides expert information about family law issues, various dispute resolution practices, and other services concerning the law and how it relates to your family. In short, your family matters! So whether you are simply curious about family law matters, experiencing difficulties in your marriage, contemplating or going through a divorce, and/or worried about the potential effects on your family, there is an episode for you.

Your host, Cyndy Morin, is a family lawyer with Resolve Legal Group; A family law firm that is both renowned for and dedicated to providing client-centered, holistic legal services in Calgary, Cochrane, and surrounding areas. At Resolve Legal Group, we know that your family law matters come with unique hardships. To combat those hardships, we ensure that we tailor our legal services to our clients’ individual and family needs, and that we connect them our clients what ever support services they require.

Episode Listings

Episode 1 – Client Support Services Program

Special Guest: Ali Clark

Host Cyndy Morin, speak with special guest Ali Clark about the role and many benefits of having a Client Support Services Program.

The Client Support Services Program was formed to provide our clients with compassionate and personalized care. Resolve Legal Group takes a holistic family systems approach to our clients’ family matters, our CSS helps both our clients and their lawyers in three important ways:

First, by providing a welcoming and comfortable environment. We ensure that our clients experience a sense of support from the first phone call to the conclusion of their file.

By asking relevant and appropriate questions to help determine a client’s specific legal requirements and match them with a member of our team that will best suit their needs.

Second, throughout the client’s legal matter, CSS remains a constant support and resource. CSS provides helps clients by coordinating community resources to those clients who require additional social supports throughout their legal process. Coordination of services includes arranging counselling, budget assistance, job skills training, education inquiries, arranging parent coordination services, arranging supervision services, and so much more. Whatever additional assistance our clients require during their time of family transition, our CSS is equipped to find and arrange those services on behalf of the client.

Third, because quality control and client satisfaction are one of our top priorities at Resolve Legal Group, our CSS acts as a an ombudsman on behalf of our clients. In addition, the CSS also ensures clients receive the best possible service with the lawyer best suited for the client.

All these client support services are provided at no additional cost to our clients.

Both our clients and our team members agree that the Client Support Services Program provides an invaluable and unprecedented service to our clients.