Resolve Legal Group, one of Southern Alberta’s prominent Family Law Firms, has won the Three Best Rated® award for one of the top-rated divorce lawyers in Calgary for two years in a row. They have been assisting families in Calgary and Cochrane area with their family law, wills, and estates, and real estate legal services since 2011.

“In addition to maintaining an AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and winning multiple awards, our proudest achievement was implementing our ‘Client Support Coordination’ Services,” says Cyndy Morin, Senior Family Lawyer, Resolve Legal Group.

It is a unique service offered by their firm and has measurably improved the well-being of their clients so much that the ‘Reforming Family Justice System Initiative’ which consists of multiple Province-wide stakeholders in the legal, psychological, and political sectors have had Cyndy and her team present their model as a positive change toward Family Law Reform.

“Family law is rarely just a legal issue. When restructuring a household from one unit into two, it can be emotionally and financially stressful on the whole family,” says Cyndy. Regardless of any process you use, at some point, you will likely require a lawyer to finalize matters for you.

“An ethical lawyer will explain the different processes rather than simply try to sell you on their services,” she says.

“An effective lawyer will provide you with a legal strategy or plan at your initial consultation which you should be able to use whether you retain their services, retain someone else’s services or decide to represent yourself,” she explains.

In Alberta, for a separation agreement to be legally binding, the parties must receive independent legal advice from a lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta. But how can you tell if the lawyer is right for you?

Cyndy has a list of things you should consider before picking a family lawyer:

  1. Do the professionals you intend to work with provide any extra supports to assist you during your legal matter?
  2. Is there a cost associated with these extra services?
  3. If the professional you use makes a mistake on your file, are you protected? For example, all lawyers in Alberta must carry professional liability insurance, whereas there is no such requirement for paralegal service companies.
  4. If you decide to use a non-lawyer service, make sure they have liability insurance and inquire about what is covered.
  5. Ensure their billing practices are transparent. Ask to have all fees and charges explained to you upfront.

You can contact the to the free list of useful questions to ask your potential service provider.