Nicholas Urie

Nicholas was born in Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from both the Alberta School of Business and Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in Edmonton before moving back to Calgary in 2011 when he began helping clients to achieve their goals. He has been practicing law ever since.

Nicholas has argued cases before the Court of Appeal, Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Provincial Court. He has represented clients in the Federal Court of Canada, Human Rights Tribunal, and Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

For many people, having to consult a lawyer can be one of the most stressful times in their lives. Nicholas enjoys taking the time to understand each client and their goals, and outlining the many possible routes to achieve those goals before suggesting a particular course of action.

Although Nicholas loves winning in court, he knows it is important to focus on the client’s priorities and understands that many clients will achieve a better outcome from not going to court. For most clients, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration should be considered and he can discuss the pros and cons of each.

Nicholas is always learning and practices, or has practiced, in areas including Family Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Wills, Estates (including contested matters), Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Employment Law, Constitutional Law, and Personal Injury Law.

Nicholas enjoys mentoring, learning from, and collaborating with, the other professionals at Resolve Legal Group to find the perfect lawyer to address each client’s issue.

Nicholas enjoys giving back to the community via pro bono volunteer legal work through Calgary Legal Guidance and Pro Bono Law Alberta. In his spare time, Nicholas likes to plan out international trips, as there are still many amazing places in the world he has yet to see.

LANGUAGES: English and French

PRACTICE AREAS: Family Law, Civil, Corporate, Real Estate, Wills, Estate Litigation.