Mediation and Arbitration

Dr. Wes Thiessen

“An enemy is someone whose story I have not yet heard.” — An Israeli Jewish tour guide.

Dr. Wes Thiessen is a family mediator and arbitrator, born and raised in the city of Calgary. With travel in his blood, he has spent many years abroad, learning other languages and cultures, while living in some challenging areas of the world. Having experienced some exotic places, Wes prefers to be close to family and has returned to Canada for that very purpose. With his focus on family, it is his aim to make family mediation a preferable option for those looking to resolve differences within their families.

Dr. Thiessen completed his education and mediation skills over the course of many decades and in many nations. Following an undergraduate degree in psychology and theological studies, he pursued an MA in historical geography of the ancient near east while living in Jerusalem, a city full of multiple religions, languages and cultures. Upon returning to Canada in the 80s, he pursued a background in mediation, working both within and outside the justice system to resolve conflicts in many forms—family, spousal assault, property crime and even court-ordered mediation. As a Senior Mediator with Community Justice Initiatives, his greatest joys were seeing parties at odds with each other come to an agreeable conclusion that was a win-win situation for all involved. After another period of time overseas, he completed a PhD in Islamic history, allowing him to better understand the religious and historical background of most Muslims. This additional cultural and religious education assists Wes in better understanding conflict with cultural and/or religious elements—factors that are particularly meaningful for individuals and families.

In addition to mediation work, Wes provides pastoral care through a small rural church, helping to meet spiritual needs in the community. He continues to learn more languages (he can operate in English, Arabic and French, while having strength in German and Hebrew) and about other cultures. He loves shopping for deals in thrift stores, and believes that re-purposing used goods is one way we can be good stewards of the earth. He loves to read, meet new people and travel to new places.

Dr. Wes Thiessen looks forward to helping you resolve your family issues through both mediation and arbitration and is delighted to do that through Resolve Legal Group.