Pay It Forward

This program is where one of our Resolve Legal Groups branded vehicles periodically goes through a drive through vendor’s such as Tim Hortons, where we then pay for the order of the vehicle behind us and have the window attendant provide a card to the driver of the recipient’s car that says:

Your order was paid for by Resolve Legal Group – we ask you to Pay It Forward by providing a voluntary donation to one of the following:

Calgary Counselling Centre

~ The goal of this program is to bring awareness to these amazing establishments and to encourage donations from the general public ~


  • Work’s on prevention, intervention, and collective impact to tackle all the systemic and societal causes that lead to domestic abuse.
  • They offer peer support programs, education and workshops.
  • Connect people with social support through The Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence Act – also called Clare’s Law.
  • They offer a Domestic Abuse Screening on their website for a nominal fee of $50. This tool can be used by mediators and Family Law legal professionals as well to gain information about potential domestic abuse risk levels in family law matters. In these cases, note that screening results will NOT be shared with your family law professional unless you have formally given ByDesign or Sagesse permission.


Calgary Counselling Centre:

  • Improving the well-being of individuals, families, and strengthening communities by delivering best practices in counselling, training, and research.
  • They are widely recognized as a Centre of Excellence in research. Their evidence-based work propels their practice, informs their treatment methods and improves their quality of service.
  • They have more than 50 full- and part-time staff dedicated to improving the well-being of our community. Their multidisciplinary staff includes psychologists, registered marriage and family therapists and social workers, pastoral counsellors and dieticians.



You can register for counselling in three ways.

  • Online 24 hours a day
  • By phone at 1-833-827-4229, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Or download and complete an intake form, and sent it via email to or fax it to 403-265-8886