Kids in Mind

Families in high-conflict situations over custody issues often struggle to find resolution without the assistance and intervention of professionals. Furthermore, the court is already over-burdened, and it is difficult to address the complexities of high-conflict custody matters in morning chambers. Therefore, achieving resolution to any custody matter is usually a slow and expensive process for families.

Families in high-conflict situations need access to immediate solutions and intervention. “Kids in Mind” was designed to provide immediate mediated or arbitrated outcomes for these families through a streamlined, cost effective, interdisciplinary alternative to court.

Pay it Forward

This program is where one of our Resolve Legal Groups branded vehicles periodically goes through a drive through vendor’s such as Tim Hortons, where we then pay for the order of the vehicle behind us and have the window attendant provide a card to the driver of the recipient’s car that says:

Your order was paid for by Resolve Legal Group – we ask you to Pay It Forward by providing a voluntary donation to one of the following:

Calgary Counselling Centre

~ The goal of this program is to bring awareness to these amazing establishments and to encourage donations from the general public ~

Resolution on Call

When poor communication has been a default within relationships that are breaking down, it can be difficult to find the help you need when you need it. Stressful situations involving communication focusing on blame and accusations make it difficult for any individual to be able to respond well. The ability to respond to aggressive or inappropriate behaviour in a way that will lead to a deescalation of any potentially explosive encounter is hampered by high stress. The human brain is hard wired to prioritize safety over problem solving and as a result the first reaction you are likely to have is either to flee from the situation or find a way to defend yourself—a fight or flight instinct.

Yet humans, as higher functioning beings, have the ability to counteract aggressive behaviour and work towards reducing the potential harm within a conflict interaction. This objective, though, requires the brain to reason and problem solve, and then to respond to the negative interaction from a reasoned perspective rather than an emotional one. But when you find yourself in the middle of a bad situation, it can be almost impossible to access that reasoning within yourself.

This is where Resolution on Call comes in. This program, accessible to clients of Resolve Legal Group, provides 24-hour on call services to a skilled conflict resolution professional to help provide support for you when you need it the most. Having the assistance of a mediator or other professional with you while sitting in a boardroom working out an agreement with a partner is very useful in coming to a long term agreement. However, there is likely little danger or harm that could come out of that immediate context. It’s when you are in the middle of an interpersonal interaction—an argument, a chance encounter, a disagreement over when or how the kids should be picked up—that you really need immediate support. At those times, when all of your energies are focused on trying to keep yourself safe, it’s almost impossible to think clearly and put into practice the steps in which a conflict resolution professional may have coached you. In that moment of conflict or struggle, that’s when you really need the help, not in the boardroom.

Resolve Legal Group recognizes that need and has a program in place to help you in your time of greatest need. When you are faced with a conflict situation where you just don’t know the best way forward, as a client of Resolve, just pick up the phone, dial the toll-free number, and you’ll be connected to a professional who can talk you through your situation—right when you need it. That lifeline might just get you through your immediate crisis and help you find the way forward when you’re not able to think it through for yourself. Resolve is here to help you in your time of need.

To learn more about Resolution on Call, or to find a legal or ADR professional at Resolve Legal Group that is best for you, reach out to us by phone or email. At Resolve, we’re here to help make sure all your legal and conflict resolution needs are taken care of in the matters that concern you the most.

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