Veronica Miller

Client Support Coordinator, Community Outreach and Legal Assistant

Veronica graduated from Bow Valley College in 2007, legal assistant diploma program. Top marks won her the Liz Smith & White Paper award allowing her to take her kids to Disneyland. A single parent with no previous knowledge of family law, her passion comes from self-representation dealing with her own family disputes, legal Aid and plenty of Family Court applications. Veronica has a genuine desire to support families in her role as Client Support Coordinator by assisting clients during their transition. Veronica is also responsible for Community Outreach, which has her meeting with organizations within our community to collaborate with businesses to support our clients. Resolve Legal Group values Veronica’s passion through personal experience to continually improve our services to our clients. Outside of work, Veronica loves to travel and create lasting memories on road trips with her two children and dogs who mean the world to her. She looks forward to growing with Resolve Legal Group!