The Honorable Nancy A. Flatters

B.A., LL.B., LL.M. – Director of Kids In Mind Program

Nancy Flatters, a retired Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta (sitting in Calgary Family and Youth Court), and with some 35 years’ experience in dispute resolution, has returned to teaching and training in mediation/arbitration in civil/family/elder/human rights matters, restorative justice, policing, community, judicial dispute resolution/settlement conferencing, case-flow/case management, mentoring and access to justice, including system design and reform, amongst other areas. She has a long history of voluntary community service and leadership at the local, national and international level and continues with her commitment to build bridges in all aspects of her work as a trainer, teacher and volunteer. Judge Flatters has joined Resolve Legal Group as the director of our “Kids In Mind” Program which is currently being offered to families with children, who are struggling to resolve conflict. Kids In Mind is part of a pilot study, therefore there is no cost for families who volunteer to take part in this study. For more information about this program click here. Kids In Mind is also available outside of the study for a fee of $450.00 per hour. Contact our client support coordinator, Amy, to learn more about the program and how to register.