Inga Jonutiene

Reception and Office Assistant

As Helen Keller once said "Life is a daring adventure" and I dared to take my own adventure back in 2012. Together with my husband, two toddlers and two backpacks we moved our young family to Canada to start our new life. With over ten years in Senior Executive and Administrative roles and an MBA in International Business, I was not afraid to take the risk. I knew that upcoming challenges and various obstacles would make my family stronger than ever and I was ready to work as hard as I could with the education and skills I had developed over the years.

I now sit back and realize that taking a risk always pays off. In addition to embarking on a new life amongst incredible people in my community, and a City I had fallen in love with, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to join Resolve Legal Group where family matters. The company’s philosophy of genuinely supporting families is one that is true and dear to my heart, because I can relate to families who have had to rebuild their lives. Sometimes it’s frightful, sometimes one can lack inner strength, but with honest, knowledgeable and caring people around you anything is possible. Therefore, I am extremely proud to be a part of an innovative caring firm that helps families thrive.