Amy Struyk

Client Support Coordinator, Community Outreach and Marketing Assistant

Graduating with a Business Administrative Certificate from college in 2002, Amy's career took off. Spending time in both the group insurance industry and the oil and gas community, she evolved her passion for people and business into a Marketing and Public Relations role. By 2008 she was expecting her first of two children, and made the decision to stay home and raise them until they were both attending school full time.

When the opportunity to join Resolve came about, Amy couldn't pass it up! She was drawn to our genuine desire to support families with accessible legal services and support services. Amy has a few roles within the firm, one role is Client Support Coordinator where Amy looks forward to helping our clients during their transition, by guiding them to our preferred partners within our Step Forward program. Given her additional business skills, Amy is also responsible for Community Outreach and Marketing, which has her meeting with organizations within our community to learn how they can work with us to support our clients from an integrated approach. We appreciate the many roles that Amy provides which helps to continually improve our services for our clients.

On a personal note, Amy is what some may call a rare breed these days, as she is a born and raised Calgarian! With a deep-rooted love for the city and its near-by, Rocky Mountain playground, she has never had the desire to live anywhere else. That being said, one of her most favourite things to do is travel the world, experience new culture and meet new people. Sharing these experiences with her young family is priceless and close to her heart. When Amy is not off jet setting, you can find her taking photos of absolutely everything, skiing in the mountains with her family and riding her sport bike, everywhere she can on a long summers evening.

In Amy’s words:
"After meeting the team and learning about what this company stands for and how Resolve is an active member of the local, Calgary community, I was hooked. I knew it was something great and I had to be involved!" ~ Amy