At Resolve Legal Group, we believe that every referral we make is an extension of our own service. We want to ensure that referrals are made to other professionals and service providers who are known to meet and exceed the expectations of the individuals we refer to them. The following is a list of other service providers and professionals that we continue to recommend and refer to our clients, colleagues, family, and friends:

Disclaimer: Resolve Legal Group is not an agent of or affiliated with any of the above mentioned professionals and services. Resolve Legal Group receives no compensation of any kind for referrals and/or for advertising on behalf of the foregoing professionals and services. Resolve Legal Group assumes no liability for negligence or otherwise as a result of any individual utilising any of the services noted above. Resolve Legal Group encourages individuals seeking professional services to ensure that they are comfortable with the services and the terms of same being provided to them. Individuals should not feel obligated to use any of the services or professionals listed above; these listings are to be used as a guide only. Should an individual utilize any of the services listed above and should they not be satisfied with the services, we would appreciate feedback regarding same so that we may adjust our listings accordingly. Likewise, if you are aware of an individual or agency that offers exceptional service that you believe should be listed here, please do not hesitate to contact our office as this list is not exhaustive.

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